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2023-04-10 [74588]
本文摘要:1、倡议书——从小事做起共战疫情假定你是学生会主席李华,当前新冠状病毒肆虐,请你围绕 “从小事做起共战疫情” 这一主题,给全校学生写一封英文倡议书。


1、倡议书——从小事做起共战疫情假定你是学生会主席李华,当前新冠状病毒肆虐,请你围绕 “从小事做起共战疫情” 这一主题,给全校学生写一封英文倡议书。要点如下:1. 倡议的原因和目的2. 倡议的详细内容3. 发出倡议注意:1. 词数150左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。【 possibleversion】ProposalDear schoolmates, Over the past fifteen days, the novel virushas made its way around the China. It has a strong impact on our life andstudy. Faced with the crisis, we students should respond actively to the appealfrom authority and experts. In order to ease the serious condition, all ofstudents had better do as follows. First of all, stay at home and don't goout if not necessary. Be responsible for yourself and others. In addition, dowear masks while you are in the open air. As we all know, it can reduce therisk of contracting the virus. Washing hands as often as possible is needed,too. Most importantly, everyone ought to have a positive attitude to thecampaign with the disease. Attitude is everything. My dear friends, there may be a long wayto go for us. Let's work hand in hand to overcome anxiety and do some bits. Wehave faith in the fact that tomorrow is another day. The Students' Union Feb. 4th, 2020 2、慰问信——疫情滞留表现体贴 假定你是高三学生李华,你的同学王平春节去武汉探亲因新冠状病毒肺炎疫情迅速扩散,他有发烧症状而暂时滞留武汉,请你代表全班同学给此时处于焦虑和郁闷中的他写一封英文慰问信。要点如下:1. 对其表现体贴和同情。

2. 对其表现慰藉并提供资助。3. 表达愿望和祝福。

注意:1. 词数150左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。【 possible version】Dear Wang Pin,Knowing that you are delayed in Wuhan, I am really getting upsetabout it. So are our classmates. I'm writing to convey our concern to you onbehalf of the class.Words came that Wuhan was in bad condition due to thespreading novel Coronavirus. However, dear friend, there's no sense worryingabout it too much. You are supposed to stay optimistic. After all, you merelyhave a bit of fever. College Entrance Examination is around the corner, youknow. So precious is time that we can't afford to waste it. As scheduled,our online class will be held on Feb. 8. All of the classmates have access tothe Internet courses wherever you are. It is convenient for us to study, isn'tit?Is there anything I can do for you? Feel free to contact me. I sincerelyexpect that you can make a quick recovery and return to normal. Yours, LiHua3、谢谢信——让世界充满爱假定你是武汉某高中学生李华,你在2019武汉秋令营结识的朋侪Andre Portnov 相识到武汉发作的新冠状病毒肺炎疫情,组织了德国伯乐中学中文合唱团倾情演唱中文歌《让世界充满爱》,为武汉加油。你看了这个小视频很是感动,请给他写一封英文谢谢信。

要点如下:1. 表达感动和谢谢。2. 告诉他你的现状。3. 表达信心和愿望。

注意:1. 词数150左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。【 possible version】Dear Andre Portnov,Words failed me when I watched the video fromyour school chorus. Especially when I heard "Come on, Wuhan!" , I wasso deeply moved that I couldn't help replaying it again and again. I trulyappreciate your love and support.Those days at the Autumn Camp areunforgettable. I often enjoy the pictures taken at the camp. Currently, Ihardly go out due to the outbreak of novel Coronavirus. Instead, I spend timetaking online courses, watching American plays or listening to English songs.And it takes me a little time to read books that I am keen on. Can you informme of your recent life in the next e-mail?People across the country supportWuhan to the best of their ability. I'm definitely convinced that we can getthrough the hard times. Looking forward to your next visit to China! May ourfriendship last forever! Yours, Li Hua4、通知——延期开学¦远程教育假定你是哈尔滨市某双语学校高中学生李华,因新冠状病毒肺炎疫情还未获得有效控制,黑龙江省教育厅宣布延期开学,请你写一封英文通知公布在校园网上。要点如下:1. 严禁学生假期到校。2. 远程教育、在线心理领导。


3. 如有调整,另行通知。注意:1. 词数80左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。参考词汇:疫情 epidemic教育部 Ministry of Education新冠状病毒 novel coronavirus 【 possibleversion】NOTICEPrevention and control of the epidemic is the top priority atpresent. According to the announcement of Ministry of Education, the newsemester opening date will be postponed. Maybe after March. 2nd. Before then,students are not allowed to go to school. Everyone is required to work outregularly and keep healthy. Distance education, including online psychologicalguidance, will be organized during the absence of school. Please take itseriously. If there is any change, we will keep you informed ahead of time. 5、征稿启事——抗击新型冠状病毒疫情假定你是李华,要向全校学生征集以“抗击新型冠状病毒疫情”为主题的优秀文艺作品刊登在校园网上。

请凭据下面提示写一则100词左右的征稿启事。征稿目的:宣传防疫知识、引导同学们正确认识新冠肺炎、鼓舞战胜疫情的信心。征稿规模:全校学生艺术形式:绘画、书法、摄影、音乐、曲艺、剪纸等等作品要求:紧扣主题、流传正能量、原创投稿要求:作品在2020年2月29日前发至邮箱:hiclara@163.com,邮件内注明作者姓名、班级、联系方式参考词汇:疫情 epidemic新冠状病毒 novel coronavirus稿件:contribution 【possibleversion】CONTRIBUTIONS WANTEDWith the purposeof making students know the epidemic better and full of confidence,contributions related to fighting against the new coronavirus are wanted. Thefollowing contribution forms are suggested: painting, calligraphy,photograph, music, folk art, papercut and so on. All the works are expected tobe original, positive and to the point. All of the students are welcometo send your artworks to hiclara@163.com no later than Feb. 29, 2020. Undoubtedly,some information must be included in the e-mail, such as name, class and othercontact details. If you have any question, feel free to contact me. 6、投诉信——高价口罩乱象假定你是李华,在新冠状病毒肺炎疫情如此严峻的时刻,有少数不良商家以原价数倍的价钱销售口罩。

针对这一现象,老师让你们用英语给消费者协会写一封投诉信,作为今天的作业发到班级微信群里。要点如下:1. 先容自己,写信目的。2. 说明情况,表现气愤。3. 希望重视,尽快解决。

注意:1. 词数100左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。参考词汇:感染病,泛滥 epidemic新冠状病毒 novel coronavirus消费者协会 Consumers' Association 【 possibleversion】To whom it may concern,I am Li Hua, a senior schoolstudent. I am extremely sorry to disturb you, but I have to write a letter toconvey my complaint and dissatisfaction.The novel coronavirus epidemic is stilltough and annoying. However, you can't imagine that a small number ofbusinesses are so mean as to sell the face masks at an unreasonable price. Itis said that it can be five times as high as the normal price. My classmatesand I are burning with anger.I hope Consumers' Association can give muchattention to this. I'd appreciate it if you can cope with it as early as youcan. Yours sincerely, LiHua7、见告信——回帖先容中国战疫假定你是李华,你在Quaro上看到英国人Peter 发的关于新冠状病毒肺炎疫情的贴子,请你用英语回贴,使外国友人对当前中国政府和人民为“战疫”所作的支付和努力有正面的相识和认识。

要点如下:1. 先容疫情和生活现状。2. 政府和人民“战役”措施。3. 希望外国友人正确看待。


注意:1. 词数不限;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。参考词汇:感染病,泛滥 epidemic新冠状病毒 novel coronavirus隔离:quarantine 【 possibleversion】(280 words)Dear Peter, I am a Chinese student living in Wuhan,Li Hua. I can reply to you in detail. What you have learned from newspaper isbasically the reality of China. Due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, themajority of residents are advised to stay at home temporarily, which isbeneficial to avoiding the spread of infection. Part of people buy lifenecessities depending on mobile payment and wait for the delivery at home. Ifthey have to go out, they will wear protective face masks. Tough as thesituation is, life must go on. Some people take up working at home, that is,teleworking. As for us students, of course distance education is one of thechoices. Aimed to prevent the novel virus fromsweeping through China and other parts of the world, China took immediatemeasures to seal off the city and restrict the public transport. Much to theworld's astonishment, two hospitals built to contain the novel coronaviruspatients have been built in less than thirteen days. Doctors and nurses fromall of China, even medical staff from the army, are supporting Wuhan, theepicenter of the virus outbreak. Authorities widely publicize knowledge of preventionand control of the epidemic in various ways. During the process, a variety of heroesand good deeds well up, and I am often moved to burst into tears. If you heardof the touching stories, you would do like me. I believe so. I hope thatforeign friends can treat this event from a fair perspective and that you don'tcause any misunderstanding by circulating the rumors. If you have anythingunclear, don't hesitate to consult me. Yours sincerely, Li Hua。